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iPhone app update

iPhone app update

To celebrate passing 55,000 downloads we’ve doubled the number of recipes on our iPhone application!

Our iPhone app designed to help minimise food waste has proved extremely palatable with consumers – becoming one of the country’s most successful home-grown digital apps – serving up over 55,000 downloads in just eight months.

The first of its kind, the unique food waste ‘blender’ app, previously reached number two in Apple’s free iTunes Lifestyle chart when it launched in February this year. The app also featured in Apple’s coveted ‘new and noteworthy’ section on the iTunes app store.

To celebrate surpassing 55,000 downloads and thank everyone who has downloaded the app; we have doubled the amount of recipes the app holds, with users now able to access over 350 delicious meal ideas. If you are not an iPhone user, fear not as there is currently a Google Android version in development and all of the recipes are available in the recipe section of our website.

The success of the app lies not only in its originality, but in the simple way it encourages and allows users to change their behaviour and reduce food waste.

The easy to use app asks users to place ‘ingredients’ they already have at home into an on-screen blender, shake the phone and out pops an easy, healthy recipe or meal suggestion. It can also be used to help plan meals when shopping. It also offers a range of hints and tips on how to reduce food waste and a portion size planner to help consumers avoid wastage.

The app is seen as a revolutionary new step in an ongoing drive to combat food waste, a quest that Scotland is leading the way in trying to achieve. The average Scottish household throws away £430 per year of perfectly good food, this can be alleviated by using the app to plan meals and shopping trips.

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP, said: “In order to achieve a zero waste society, we need to be living examples of the Love Food Hate Waste message and utilise modern technology to engage with more people across Scotland”. The app has also attracted praise from Colin Kelly, who is the Gadget guy on STV’s magazine show, The Hour – “This truly is a wonderful piece of home-made, Scottish ingenuity which is clearly going down well with the public and which will no doubt prove a significant tool in the drive to combat food waste across Scotland and beyond”

The application has inspired environmental agencies around the world, including Australia, Abu Dhabi and the Netherlands, who, having seen the success of the app, have expressed an interest in adapting the app for use in their campaigns.

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